4. Anonymous said: so, were you actually claiming that military love is better than any other? cos i didn't read it that way but clearly some people did. xxxx

    Of course I wasn’t. Everyone’s relationship is different isn’t it? It was about the sort of people who say stuff to me, and many other wives I know, like, ‘I couldn’t be with a man in the military’, or, ‘How can you have a real relationship when he’s never here?’ They’re usually the people who I have to listen to moan about how their boyfriend/husband left them at the weekend to go watch sports or, he didn’t send a good morning/night text etc. etc. The point was that, being in a military relationship, you experience such heightened emotions of love, loss, excitement, loneliness etc. that people who have relationships where they’re on top of each other all the time, don’t experience. They don’t understand that it’s not a burden to be with a man in the military; it’s exciting and I certainly would never trade this lifestyle for the comfort of a humdrum, certain life.


  5. Anonymous said: people going radge on your last post! milso haterzzzz lol.

    Haha I know! It’s entertaining! I guess some people just aren’t loved…


  6. Anonymous said: why do wives look down on girlfriends???? it really bugs me, i support my man just as much as they do.

    Because people like to feel important & they clearly have short memories, because presumably they were all girlfriends once too! I was an army girlfriend for just over two years before we got married and nothing has changed in that time except my last name. I love & support him just as much as I did before we said I do. 

    I would advise you to take absolutely no notice of negative people. Keep doing what you do & if the day comes where you & your man get hitched, remember to treat the girlfriends kindly & share all the wisdom you have with them. xx


  7. Anonymous said: Love this blog! Keep it up! Do you have any tips on dealing with deployment? I'm struggling with it all today :( x

    Thank you. I don’t how long your man has been away anon, but firstly, it does all get easier - the first month takes some getting used to, but after that, when you’re a little more used to him not being around, you start to feel better. To be honest, I’m a little bit brutal, I don’t believe that your life should be on hold whilst he’s deployed, because I know my husband certainly wouldn’t want me to think that way. So, I obviously allow myself some self pity sometimes, but in my experience the best to deal with it is just to be a big girl and get on with it. In a way I look at deployment as a blessing; you have time to really grow as an independent person on your own. Focus on self-improvement so you have something interesting to tell your man when he writes/emails/skypes you.

    I hope you feel better soon :)